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We take care of the tech, so you can scale your business. No more perusing freelance sites, no more writing classified ads, no more googling. We make it painless so that whatever challenge you face, you know you have a competent technology partner on your side.

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How does it work?

It starts with a call

Drawing Board

We sit down with you to discover exactly what role you see us playing initially, and what projects you want to tackle. We can do a lot, but it helps us if we can look down the road.

One at a time

We make an initial list of projects and responsibilities for us. For the projects, we process them one at a time on our base plan.

Deploy and Support

Finally we start executing day one, and follow up with you monthly to ensure things are going to plan and you're happy. We provide you an easy way to imput tasks for us and a shared chat for ease of communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Really any tech related issue your business is facing. We're optimized to serve small businesses who can't afford a top tier internal team for every challenge they face. It's really expensive to hire just one tech person, thats where we come in. It might be making an ecommerce site that ties into your current systems. It might be automating as much of your business as possible. It might be solving bugs in your current stack or helping you select vendors or how to use AI. We want to provide our expertise as a partner.

There is no limit. We will break every request down into tasks and accomplish them in sequential order.

Basically. Any request that is legal and we don't see an ethical problem with we will execute.

Brian: Seeing DesignJoy and then remembering my own experience, before working in tech, of working at a small e-commerce company and the myriad tech issues I resolved as an in-house-everything-tech person. One day it was fixing their SEO, one day it was fixing the mail merge, one day it was the Yahoo store code (dating myself here). I was honestly shocked how many different issues and technologies they faced. As time went on, I saw this was not limited to 5 person companies, but even larger companies had similar challenges in their technology stack.

Our plans are month to month, you can pause or cancel at any time if your needs change.

Our base plan is $4,999. See Plans

As long as you have an active subscription, there are unlimited revisions, requests, brands, etc.

For now, no. At some point we may stop accepting new clients to provide top tier service and make sure we scale correctly.

Absolutely. Technology strategy and startups are in our wheelhouse.

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